Firearm Transfers

Incoming Transfers.Firearms shipped by Licensed Dealers & received by us: Cost per Firearm is $75 for NEW or USED gun. Please call for pricing for large Estate transactions or for a large amount of firearms transferred at the same time.We accept Firearms purchased through all Auction Sites such as Gunbroker etc. 

Please note: Any Non New York Safe Act Compliant firearm RECEIVED WITHOUT our knowledge or consent will be refused or sent back to the sender at your cost and expense. All Firearms Transferred to Baits & Barrels must be from Licensed Firearm Dealers and not individuals.

ITEMS not picked up after 15 days will incur a $2 per gun/per day storage fee. After 180 days, unclaimed property will be deemed abandoned/Forfeited and sold to recover Storage and disposition fees. Paid in advance Storage pricing for firearms is $60 and includes STORAGE FOR 30 DAYS. Items left AFTER 60 DAYS will incur a $5 PER DAY charge UNLESS OTHERWISE AGREED TO WITH LONG TERM STORAGE CONTRACT.

Background Check Fee. There is a $10.00 (non-refundable) NICS background check fee charged with the private transfer of any firearm from one party to another. Should you be denied by the FBI from purchasing a firearm when your background check is run, the $10 fee must still be paid. We charge an additional $35 fee to perform the tedious administrative tasks associated with the Firearm Transfer. This includes but is not limited to letters of disposition, License cancellation letters and Purchase documents & Pictures submitted to licensing agencies.

Financing/Layaways. We offer an in-store layaway plan requiring 30% down on held-back/reserved merchandise and balance due in 30 days. If the balance due is not paid in full within 30 days, the merchandise will be returned to inventory, and any deposit(s) will become store credit.  Any store credit not used/applied within 180 days will expire without refund.

Children. We are a family business and welcome your family into our store, but ask that you keep a few things in mind.  We stock expensive firearms, optics, and some fragile items and ask that your children do not play with, hang on, touch, climb, or drop any of the items in the store.  Also, no running, skipping, hopping,or play fighting in the store. The glass display cases are dangerous if leaned on or struck.  In other words, please watch your kids, as parents will be held legally and financially responsible for the actions of their children as well as any damage to any fixtures.

Our Products. We strive to be certain the information contained in this website is accurate, both in word and in pictures, but with manufacturers constantly improving and modifying products, some details may change. We reserve the right to accommodate these changes and to correct any errors that may inadvertently appear.

Return Policy

Firearms, ammunition, and all other items cannot be returned. All sales are final. Most Manufacturers have warranties that cover their defects. We will always do what we can to help.



Our online inventory changes every day. Occasionally an item may appear on the site by mistake or the item’s description may contain a typographical error. We do not guarantee that titles, descriptions, pictures or prices on our site are error-free. We reserve the right to refuse any order including but not limited to orders for items with errors in the description or price. In the event that we cancel an order we will not charge the customer’s credit card or we will refund the money.

If an item’s description contains an error such as incorrect photo, price, accessory or description and a customer makes the order, we will not process the order without first contacting the customer. If the order is mistakenly shipped, we may advise the customer to return the item in an unopened condition and we will refund the customer. By placing an order, the customer agrees that Baits & Barrels, Inc. will be the final arbiter of discrepancies in the online catalog.

Warranties – new firearms. Baits & Barrels is not a warranty repair station. We make no express or implied warranty whatsoever with respect to any merchandise, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The only warranties provided are provided by the manufacturers and are as contained in each manufacturer’s package. Please consult the documentation that came with your purchase for details. We will, however, work with you in a reasonable and responsible manner to resolve any problems you may encounter.

Warranties – non-new firearms (pre-owned guns and demo models). All non-new firearms or other used merchandise are sold as-is where is, and no warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability are made with respect to pre-owned firearms. Purchasers of pre-owned firearms are strongly encouraged to contact the manufacturer or check the manufacturer’s website for a firearm owner’s manual for their purchase.

Our Prices. Baits & Barrels tries to maintain the best prices possible. These prices may change as products sell out and are re-supplied by our distributors and manufacturers. Your understanding is appreciated when stock is sold-out and replaced with higher cost items. In the event of misprinted prices, we reserve the right to sell the items at the correct, current price.

Age Restrictions. All of our products are intended for adult use only or under adult supervision. You must be 18 years or older to purchase a shotgun, bolt action rifle\semi automatic rifle, mace or Air Gun including Long Gun ammunition. 21 years or older with a Valid NYS Pistol license and purchase voucher to purchase a handgun or handgun Ammunition.

Purchase of Firearms by Law Enforcement & Military. Military personnel must have their military ID, as well as a copy of their Permanent Duty Station orders and any existing, current state driver’s license. Active Military Police officers purchasing Handguns or Semi-Automatic rifles must present a valid Active Duty LEOSA Identification Card issued pursuant to a valid Department of Defense Directive as prescribed by the Secretary of Defense. TDY orders are not acceptable. Police Officers may purchase Firearms according to Local Law. All Peace officers must fill out a Peace Officer Verification Form (PPB-4) which is submitted to the New York State Police for Approval. Approval often takes 14 days.

*Note: The NYS Definition of a Firearm as of Sept 4th 2022 includes Semi-Automatic Rifles. Due to this Law change Peace officers must fill out a PPB-4 for approval by the NYS Police prior to purchase of a Semi Automatic Rifle.

Purchase of Rifles or Shotguns by Out-of-State Residents. Out of State residents may only purchase a rifle or shotgun that is legal to own in their state of residence. A state ID with a photo and current address is required. Out-of-state residents cannot take possession of the firearm until it has been transferred to a federal firearms licensed dealer (FFL dealer) in your state that will comply with the laws and regulations of your state regarding acquisition and transfer of the firearm. We will need an original, signed copy of the FFL license and street mailing address of the dealer to which it is to be shipped.

Proof of Identification & Residency:

Accepted Proof of Identity and Residence. Firearm purchases require Government issued identification with a photo that matches the information provided on your Background check(ATF form-4473). Proof and Identity and Residence are Required without lawful exception. Acceptable alternate proof of residence or additional residency include Voter Registration card(electronically verified), valid vehicle registration, Tax Bill issued by local government or township, etc. Baits & Barrels reserves the right to refuse the sale of any item to anyone that we feel made an omission of material fact or misrepresentation to any of our staff. We have a duty to protect our community and have to follow very strict local and federal rules, regulations and laws.


Ammunition Purchase(In Person)

Must be 21 or older to purchase pistol ammunition and possess a valid NYS Pistol License. All other types of ammo can be purchased with a valid NYS ID Card or Drivers Lic.

Effective July 15th 2023 All Ammunition Purchases will be subject to a Statewide NICS check proceed transaction Number.

Pursuant to NYS Penal Law Section 400.02 Statewide license and record database CH. 40, PART 4, TITLE W, ART. 400 2. Any seller of ammunition or dealer in firearms shall keep either an electronic record, or dataset, or an organized collection of structured information, or data, typically stored electronically in a computer system approved as to form by the superintendent of state police. In the
record shall be entered at the time of every transaction involving ammunition the date, name, age, occupation and residence of any person
from whom ammunition is received or to whom ammunition is delivered, and the amount, calibre, manufacturer’s name and serial number, or if none, any other distinguishing number or identification mark on such

See The Full Law here:…tion/laws/PEN/400.03

AMMUNITION TRANSFER: Refunds, Rescheduling, and Cancellation

All Ammunitions Transfers purchased Online and Delivered to Baits & Barrels, inc. will be subject to a $35 Transfer fee (up to 2000 rounds) We now must retain a record of the transaction and as of July 15th 2023 we are required to perform tedious background checks. We encourage you to shop our Website so we are able to save us all the time, effort and cost of receiving and storing Ammuntion. This Price is subject to Change based on Quantity.

Class Instruction and Range Refunds: Becauseof limited class capacity and our financial commitments to instructors and support staff, Baits & Barrels. Inc. does not offer refunds on any training or instruction course if you change your mind or are unable to attend. You may cancel or move to a different class if you give us written notice by e-mail to [email protected]  at least one week in advance of the scheduled course or class.  Cancellations over the phone or in person in the store will not be honored.  In the case of a cancellation you will receive a store credit that can be applied toward a future training course, class or Range session only (Must be redeemed within 120 days or otherwise mutually agreed upon by written correspondence.) Your registration in a course or class may be transferred to another person if that person meets all training prerequisites and is otherwise qualified to take the course, provided you give us at least 2 days prior notice by e-mail with the name, e-mail address, and phone number for your substitute.

Cancellation by Baits & Barrels, Inc. Some courses require (by statute or rules) a minimum number of participants as noted in the course description. If you register for a course with a minimum and the minimum number of participants have not registered by the end of the day which is 2 days prior to the course, Baits & Barrels, inc. reserves the right to cancel the course and refund your registration fee. There may also be occasions when the instructor is not available to teach the course and a satisfactory substitute is not available requiring cancellation and rescheduling of the course. In such cases, you will receive e-mail and telephone notification. If you are unable to attend the course on the rescheduled date, we will refund your registration fee upon written e-mail request received at least 2 days prior to the rescheduled course date.

Refund requests must be made via email to the Training Coordinator at T[email protected]  and must fit within the guidelines below:

  • Subject Line for email should say “Urgent: Training Cancellation with the time and last name”
  • For full refund, registrants must cancel at least 72 hours before the Training session, class or course.
  • Cancellations received within 48 hours of the Training session, class or course date will not receive a cash refund. Instead, a one-time class rescheduling can be made. A rescheduled course must occur within 120 days from the original, training session, class or course date. All fees are forfeited by the registrant if a replacement ,training session, class or course has not been attended within the 4-month period.

Phone calls, text messages or voicemails are not officially accepted as a means to request a refund.

Cancellation and refund requests received via email after the class date/start time forfeit the class cost and are not eligible for refund or reschedule.

Rescheduled courses are not eligible for a refund.

Failure to attend the course,class, training session or cancellations less than 24 hours in advance, will result in no refund, credit of the course fee, or rescheduling.

Cancellations. To cancel your course, class or range session appointment please contact the Training Coordinator atT[email protected] and attach the original email confirmation or Store receipt for the course you wish to cancel.

Please be sure to provide a valid email address and check your e-mail  submitted for accuracy before class registration.

All the Policy parameters listed above shall be in full force and effect.

Rescheduling. Reschedule requests must be made via e-mail to the Training Coordinator at [email protected] with the following information:

  • Attach the original email confirmation or store Receipt for the course (NOT any REMINDER (if applicable). that requires reschedule, AND
  • The date and time of your requested reschedule.

Courses can only be rescheduled one-time and must occur within a 4-month period from the original course date, and are non-refundable.

Phone calls, text messages or voicemails are not accepted as a means to request a reschedule.

Reschedule requests received via email after the class date/start time forfeit the class cost and are not eligible for refund or reschedule.

Attendee substitutions may be made at any time.

STORAGE of Retrieved or Surrendered FIREARMS

Personal property held by LE Agency property section and recovered by Baits & Barrels (while acting as an “authorized Agent”) are subject to the following terms & conditions. Firearms/property retrieved for disposition to property owner, purchaser or other designee must be picked up within 30 days unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

  • Retrieved or surrendered items will be stored for a maximum of 15 days unless otherwise contractually agreed upon. Any items left in excess of the prescribed time frame will be considered abandoned and forfeited.
  • A final notification will be sent via E-mail to the address on file. It is your responsibility to notify us any changes to your contact
  • Failure to respond and pick up stored property within 15 days of notification receipt will result in the public/private sale or destruction of stored items.
  • The sale proceeds will be used to satisfy any and all of storage fees and administrative costs associated with the disposition of abandoned property. If the proceeds of the sale of the items is less than the disposition costs incurred, the remainder will be due and payable immediately. Any monetary amount in excess of the Disposition fees will be donated to a bona fide charity.
  • A background (NICS) check is required for all firearms to be returned to owner, designee or purchaser.