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Training Programs

The Baits & Barrels Training Division offers a multitude of training classes that take place in both the classroom and the range setting. Our instructors are top-notch and very experienced.

First Time Shooter – Introduction to Shooting “I’ve Never Shot a Gun Before!”

We cater to the beginner shooter, as they haven’t had time yet to develop bad habits. We have specific programs to make shooting fun, not a chore. Our live-fire interactive range allows you to learn in a no-pressure, stress-free learning environment. Our range program allows the beginning shooter to learn the fundamental skills and how to shoot properly, including proper stance, trigger control, and firearm maintenance, and will give you the confidence to protect yourself and your family if the need arises. We encourage all our new shooters to engage in multiple sessions so that they have the confidence to perform properly with their firearm.

Experienced Shooter Training

We can train you for speed and accuracy above and beyond any other training platform. For the experienced shooter, our high tech range has skill building programs that enable shooters to increase both their accuracy and skill level. The intermediate shooter can learn how to quickly acquire targets with speedy results. Our range has both computerized image training as well as a target retrieval system that accommodates any paper target. The MILO software contains specialized computer-enhanced drills that will enable even the most advanced shooter to improve his/her shooting. Our computerized timing and accuracy calculating system will fine tune and enhance your skills above and beyond your competition.

Law Enforcement Officer Training

Do you need to practice for your annual qualification? Our state of the art facility was engineered and built with experienced law enforcement officers in mind. Our MILO range catalog contains over 800 interactive scenarios and skill building exercises. Active and retired police officers, police agencies, etc. can utilize our facility to maintain and enhance their skills and knowledge base. Some of our scenarios include: active shooter, domestic disturbance response, car stops, deescalation training (laser, taser, and OC spray), non-lethal to lethal use-of-force, practice for annual PD agency qualifications, and all levels of specialized training. Please contact us for more information as these programs are limited to active or retired law enforcement and licensed armed security.

HR-218 Certification – Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA)

The current training and qualifications mandated for retired law enforcement under the current retired police officer program consists of Use of Force Training, the Active Duty Day Qualification (HQC1 or HQC2), and the RPO Night Qualification. Pay $50 for one gun rental, or $75 for two.

Training for both the individual officer and for agencies.

What Security Officers Need to Bring:
• Your own firearm
• 50 rounds of factory ammo
• Holster
• 2 magazines or speed loaders
• Eye and ear protection
What Police Officers Need to Bring:
• Your own firearm
• 100 rounds of factory ammo
• Holster
• 2 magazines or speed loaders
• Eye and ear protection

Safety Training Classroom Instruction – Educate yourself and members of your household the importance of firearm safety! 

Our instructors are NRA certified civilian and law enforcement instructors. We offer most NRA classes, including Range Safety Officer, NRA First Steps Pistol, NRA Basic Pistol, and more!
We also teach the Eddie Eagle program for children.

Florida/Utah Non-Resident Concealed Carry Class (Carry in 33+ States)

No NYS pistol Permit required. Carry LEGALLY in 33+ states! Applications and Fingerprinting are included.
Course Fee of $199 Includes:
-Basics of Pistol Shooting, Handgun Familiarization & Safety taught by experienced Certified Instructors including L.E. and Military
•Florida & Utah Application Packets with step by step assistance
•Certificate of Completion recognized by additional states
• Mandatory live fire qualification. Florida Only (on-site by our certified instructors)
•Fingerprint Services on site by active Law Enforcement!
•Assistance with other non-resident states, ie. CT, AZ, NH,
•Resource thumb drive with great information regarding Firearms and the LAW including NYS article 35 (use of Force)
You do not need a pistol permit to attend. You do not need to be a resident of Utah or Florida to apply!
These permits do NOT allow you to carry in the State of New York. We do cover NYS PL 400.00, PL 265.00 and PL Article 35 Use of Force and we provide resource and reference materials including suicide prevention.

Security Guard Training (NYS DCJS)

NYS DCJS Security guard training available. Contact us for class availability.

Connecticut Non-Resident Concealed Carry Class

Call or email for more information.

Concealed Carry, Use-Of-Force, Shoot/Don’t Shoot, and the legal aspects of carrying a firearm (this is a required course for SCSO Full Carry Endorsement)

Call or email for more information.

NRA Basic Pistol, Range Safety Officer, Eddie Eagle, and other CCW courses

Call or email for more information.

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